Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 25: Music and endings

In music, the last measure of a song is marked with a double bar line.

In special cases, the ending is called a "coda" (Italian for "tail")
or, in other cases, the "fine."

This is the ending of my last slice of life post, and I'm not sure how to end it. Not that ending it is a big deal anyway, it was just a bunch of blog posts done by some high school kid that nobody really read.

As for my one song a day for a month idea, I'm still not sure if I'm going to do that... I'll see. If I wake up tomorrow and I feel like it, I'll go for it. Otherwise... nah.

All I can say is I'm glad I don't have to worry about blogging almost every day anymore. This slice of life thing took so much time and brain power and effort. It was not worth it.

And that is the end of slice of life. Finally!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 24: One Song a Day

If you know me at all you probably know that I'm a slacker and that I don't really try in terms of schoolwork and studying. What that means is I have a lot of free time at home.

I've tried to start a major music project just for fun because I have so much time and music is, well, fun. People have been telling me that I should post more piano covers on my Youtube channel, which I have neglected for a while, except for the Demons cover a few days ago.

Last summer, I was really bored, so I asked one of my friends, another music lover, to send me a list of songs that he liked, and decided I would play one by ear every day for the summer. It didn't exactly work out, because I usually don't have that kind of self-discipline. But it gave me an idea, maybe I should try to cover one song every day for, say, a month?

I think that will be a pretty hard task, considering my problems with time management and procrastination despite having a lot of free time to honestly do whatever I want. But I think I'm going to try for the month of April to put up one piano cover every day, played by ear.

Actually, that sounds a lot like slice of life... except I'll be "blogging" with music instead of words. Oh well, I'm pretty sure I'd get more out of that than slice of life.

Can I get some opinions on this idea? I never get many views on my Youtube videos anyway, so I don't do it for views or subscriptions or anything like that... I guess that honestly I have nothing better to do, but I mean music is a pretty cool thing to do in my opinion, so there you go.

So I guess if I feel like it I'll start that on April 1. Only if I feel like it. (This is not an April Fools thing.)


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 23: Music and slice of life

I'm not interviewing my sister anymore. That was kind of weird.

So I guess this is my third to last blog. I was aiming for 31 posts because I'm a try hard like that but I missed a bunch so now I'm just going for 25. I don't really have anything going on in my life right now (at least that I an blog about), so I guess I can just reflect on slice of life and the blogging experience.

Honestly I don't think I got anything at all out of slice of life. I tried to blog about my life (mostly music), and I guess I did. Was I really supposed to learn anything or get anything out of this? I'm sure someone out there is going to be like, "Oh, you'll get however much you put into this project." Well I don't really care because I didn't put much into it anyway.

Did anyone really get anything valuable out of blogging for 31 or 25 or 20 days or whatever? Or is this just another homework assignment?

From blogging about music, I didn't really learn anything about music. I think that if I had spent all the time I spent trying to write blog posts and commenting on blogs doing something actually musical, like playing piano or making music, I would have learned a lot more and gotten a lot more out of the experience. Maybe instead of writing about a slice of our life, we should have to take a slice out of our life and set it aside everyday to do something we love or just relax. I think that would be a good experience for any high schooler.

Does anyone else feel that this wasn't worth our time?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 22: My sister again

Me: Hello.
Her: Hi.
Me: So you want me to ask questions about me.
Her: No. (smiles weirdly)
Me: What is your general opinion of me?
Her: You're weird and you have glasses. So therefore you are a nerd.
Me: Sounds legit.
Her: And you're Asian.
Me: You're Asian too.
Her: Yeah but I have contacts.
Me: -_-
Me: Okay, um, I don't know what else to ask.
Her: Ask me what my opinion is about your clothing today.
Me: Okay, what is your opinion about my clothing today?
Her: Well, you're wearing a beautiful gray Aeropostale sweatshirt today, with two bullet holes in front--
Me: Three.
Her: Three bullet holes, because everyone knows that you're secretly a spy that works for MI6. And, you're wearing beautiful a white t-shirt under it.
Me: Is that it?
Her: And stylish dirty navy blue pants with light blue stripes. That I don't like.
Me: You're a very nice person.
Her: And you're wearing glasses.
Me: I'm aware of that.
Her: And your hair is funny today.
Me: I'm also aware of that.
Her: That's very clever of you.
Me: Ow! (she ran her rolly chair over my toes)
Her: I'm so sorry. (sarcastically)
Me: Okay, is our interview over?
Her: I don't know. I like pie though.
Me: Good for you.
Her: Oh, and, to all the people who read your blog yesterday, I got an 100 on my quiz on viruses that Aaron did not help me study for.
Me: Good for you.
Her: Okay. Now this interview is over.

Don't have much else to talk about, so there you go.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 21: Music and sisters

I asked my sister, Angelina, what I should blog about today, and she told me to blog about how she annoys me and stopping me from doing my homework today, which I had a lot of, and since I have nothing else worth writing about going on in my daily doldrums, that is what I will blog about.

So her name's Angelina, but you already knew that, I'm not sure how. Anyway, she is currently (as of 8:37 PM today) spinning on a chair right next to me spinning on a chair typing. She is "nursing a boo boo on her thumb." She burned her thumb baking cookies, which tasted pretty awesome (the cookies, not the boo boo on her thumb), but yeah she's nursing a boo boo.


What this has to do with my music-themed blog I have no clue.

Anyway, she just told me that she's going to make me help her study for her bio quiz tomorrow on viruses. The protein coat protects the genetic material in a virus and helps it get into a host cell. Now she's nodding at me weirdly and knowingly and now she's reading this post and laughing and talking about antivirals and ice packs or something. Don't ask.

So now I'm in interview mode.

Me: Hello.
Her: (Laughs) HI (in unnaturally high voice.)
Me: Stop laughing.
Her: (Keeps laughing and tries to put on a straight face.) Okay. Now ask me another question.
Me: Wait I haven't asked you a question yet.
Her: Okay, why are you taking so long to type?
Me: I'm writing down the whole thing.
Her: The whole thing?
Me: (typing) Yeah.
(Pause as I type)
Her: This is a very boring interview.
Me: OKAY, so how are you on this fine Tuesday. Wait it's a Monday.
Her: I like pie.
Me: Why do you like pie?
Her: Cuz it tastes funny.
Me: Okay... Oh this is a good song. Wait lemme make the volume higher. Wait what song is this. Oh, it's Clarity. Zedd. Good song.
Her: I think it's a remix because it's going faster.
Me: lemme check. Yeah it's Brillz Remix.
Her: Alright, now ask me a legit question.
Me: My friends have asked me if you are planning to go to High Tech--
Her: NO. High Tech is for nerdy people.
Me: Very true. Very very true.
Her: I don't plan on becoming one. And if I go to high Tech I'll be like you and no one wants to be like you.
Me: You're a very nice person.
Her: (nods) My thumb hurts.
Me: I'm aware of that.
Her: Are you sure about that?
Me: If you say so.
Her: Now ask me a legit question.
Me: I already did.
Her: Well say another one. (Makes weird sound effects) And...?
Me: Uhmmm. I don't know.
Her: We should record this. Like all the weird noises we're making. Now ask me a real question.
Me: Okay. Um. Um? That's a question. Oh, no? Okay. So, what's a question again? No? Okay, so what school do you want to go to?
Her: (pauses and thinks) That's a bad question.
Me: Too bad answer it.
Her: No, I refuse. I want to go to pie pie yum land.
Me: Okay, um, what is your favorite color?
Her: (pauses and thinks) Rainbow with rainbow polka dots.
Me: What is your favorite food?
Her: Pie
Me: Didn't I already ask you something like that?
Her: Hmm. Schmur? Make sure you spell shmerr right.
Me: Oh, ok. That makes sense.
Her: Are you quite done yet? Ask me a question about my opinion about you.
Me: Uh..
Her: Okay, you asked me if I like your shirt today. It's white. It's the red word SLAM written across. And it looks like shirt. (nods) I may or may not like it. But I want pie. And my thumb hurts. Can I go now?
(Both laugh)
Her: Can I see what you're typing? Your nails are dirty.
Me: Why thank you.

Now she's helping my mom cook. Or not. Not sure.
This post has nothing to do with music, but hey, it works. By the way she says that you should read the rest of my blog because it's really bad. Thanks, Lina. Bye.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 20: Music and the semi-formal

So Friday was the semi-formal dance at High Tech, and I was too lazy to blog about it that night or yesterday, and since I have nothing else going on in my life right now that's worth thinking about, might as well talk about that.

A few highlights: not being able to change into my semi-formal wear, dancing my heart out, having a dinner of popcorn and ginger ale, pulling my calf muscle, being left out of a conga line, and leaving with what seemed like temporary tinnitus. Awesome.

To start off, I brought my change (really simple stuff, I still think that like at least half of the people there overdressed by a lot, although I can't say anything as my clothing wasn't exactly fitting either) to school in the morning, and left it in my locker. Okay, nothing weird about that.

The school day was pretty normal, as far as I remember. Or at least, as normal as High Tech school days get.

During pit band right after school ended, an announcement came in over the loudspeaker saying that we had to move our stuff out of our lockers because they were going to block off those areas when the dance started. So I moved my stuff, including my change, into the research lobby where pit band was. What I didn't realize was that the research lobby would be blocked off too during the dance, so my poor dress shirt and pants would be stranded there. Oh well.

So I stayed until the dance started, and time came when I was supposed to change....Uh oh. So I couldn't get my clothes, and I went to the semi-formal dance in American Eagle sweater and t-shirt, athletic pants, and sneakers, and had to endure at least ten people commenting sarcastically about my extremely formal wear. Well I am so sorry, guys, so sorry. Seriously, so, so sorry.

And I danced anyway, in my impromptu formal outfit, and had a pretty epic time, except I got really hungry because I hadn't eaten since lunch and all there was at the dance was junk food. So I ate about five plastic cups of popcorn and grabbed a Sprite. At least, it looked and tasted like a Sprite on the dark dance floor. I went out in the hallway with it and discovered it was a ginger ale. Well, same thing. Great dinner. I felt sick afterwards, but it's all good.

So I danced some more, and got into a pretty heated up in your face mini dance off with Ross, spun, and ended up pulling my left calf muscle a little. My leg crumpled, but I covered it by pretending I was bending down, fist bumped my dance partner, staggered out into the hallway, avoided the teacher giving me a weird look, got a drink from the water fountain to get some time, massaged my leg, and went back into the MPR to jump up and down and fist pump again. Yes, I regretted it the morning after, but in the moment, it was worth it to just go back and dance. Live your life, you know?

What's next.. oh yeah the conga line that started and went around the edge of the room but there ended up being no empty spots in it so I was left out and just stood awkward in the middle with a few other stragglers before it broke and the fist pumping commenced. I always thought conga lines were stupid.

Finally I had to leave a little early, and as soon as I left the MPR my ears started ringing and my hearing was muffled, and I was dizzy, had a headache, could not see straight, and saw weird spots of light everywhere. Not a good sign. But an hour later I was fine, and come to think of it, my body does stuff like that all the time, so no big deal.

So yeah, that was the dance. Oh, and afterwards, being a ninja (kidding), I snuck back into the research lobby and stole my dress clothes back. Like a boss.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 19: Music and your ears

In seventh grade I did a science research project on the way sound and your body interact. It turns out that you do a lot more than just hear sound, but the main thing I concentrated on in my project was how sound could hurt your ears.

Recently, as I've been editing music so much for projects and for fun and stuff, I've wondered if my hearing is getting worse. I've been wearing headphones and earbuds frequently, and playing music at a substantial volume so that I can hear everything. Am I hurting my ears?

The inside of your ear is a complex system of parts that takes vibrations in the air and turn them into electrical impulses that your brain can understand. In the inner ear, there are many delicate hairs that help make sense of the sound (I don't remember the exact facts and I don't feel like doing research), and can be temporarily damaged/stunned by extended loud noise, like a rock concert, or one instant of loud noise, like an explosion. This is why after a loud concert you may have ringing in your ears or muffled hearing.

The worst part is that if the sound is loud or irritating enough or the exposure is long or frequent enough, these hairs can be permanently damaged, and permanent hearing loss is the result. This means that you cannot detect sounds below a certain decibel (volume/loudness) level, or sounds above or below a number of Hertz (pitch/highness or lowness).

Minor hearing loss also occurs naturally with age, which is why adults cannot hear the mosquito ringtone that teenagers and kids can. They have lost the ability to hear a sound of such a high pitch.

Another way to damage your ears is to wear earbuds/earphones/headphones for a long time or very frequently. My mom has been concerned about this ever since she saw an article on how the number of teens going deaf has risen drastically in the past years because of earphone use.

Human ears have not evolved to be suffocated for long periods of time. Just like human feet are not really meant for shoes, your ears can be damaged, especially with earbuds, which completely block the ear canal.

With all these ways to hurt your ears, you would think that I would be scared out of using earphones and going to concerts and listening to music.

Oh well. Music is awesome and I'd rather have it and hurt my ears than not have it at all. I'll worry about the hearing loss when I'm 40.